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What the hell happened to real people, real life, real… everything???

I’m a huge fan of personal development. I think we can all benefit from being more aware of our motives and the ways we relate to others in this world, BUT, when I seek out new resources of information, everything is either a regurgitation of personal development concepts from the 70’s, or the perfectly polished version of a perfect life. What? Life is messy and filled with ponytail days and unbrushed hair and lack of sleep. Sure, we have great days where we feel gorgeous and things are flowing smoothly. There’s a bounce in our steps and we’re ready to take on the world, but that’s not every day.

Have we gotten to a place in history where everything we are boils down to how perfectly we can present ourselves on social media and our websites? Come on, ladies, show me your messy! I’m far more fascinated by how your mind works, how you’ve managed to overcome the shit show that exploded in your life. We all have those moments! None of us has it all together, all of the time. We don’t wander around with make-up artists and professional photographers at the ready, just in case someone we know might see us.

Show me your flaws! Show me your reality.Show me your wrinkles from years of a life intensely lived. Show me those freckles! Please stop airbrushing your reality. It’s exhausting and overwhelming and costing you far more energy than you need to expend on such things.

Sit with me by a dwindling bonfire, covered in sweat from dancing and laughing, and let’s see if we can’t find new ways to look at your old patterns. You know you want things to be different. You even know that you’re the only one who can make the changes you desire. Hell, you even know you’re more than capable of making the changes if you can just get out of your own way. Perspective – that’s the only thing you really need. One moment of peace in the midst of the chaos that allows you to take a quick breath and just be.

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