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Knowing what you love in 5 days

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Do you surround yourself every day with the things that you absolutely love?  Does every inch of your home make you smile and fill you with joy?  If not, why not?  Do you even know what you love? Your home should be your sanctuary. It should express exactly who you are as an individual and bring you a depth of peace and inspiration.

This exercise is meant to give you an overview of things you are drawn to.  Images that speak to you in some way.  It’s best to do the collecting of images quickly and just go with your “gut” rather than over thinking it and picking images you think you should prefer. No one but you will see your images unless you choose to share them, so focus on being real and collecting only those images that really speak to your heart.

Step 1 – Create a folder on your computer titled, “Inspirations” or, if you are already a member of Pinterest, create a new board for this project.  If you’re using Pinterest, please make sure you leave the links to the original images intact.  That way, anyone else who is browsing your boards can see where the images came from and the creators will get proper recognition.  When choosing your pictures, simply choose pictures that catch your attention in some way.  Even images that initially disturb you, can provide insight.  Don’t get too caught up in why they appeal.  You’ll get to analyze the “whys” later.    

Step 2 – Each morning take about 5 minutes to do a quick image search on Google or your favorite search engine.  Pick 5 general categories of things you like.  Keep them as general as you can so that you can find new things in the pictures that you may not have considered.


Day 1- Home, dwelling,

Day 2- Flowers, plants,

Day 3-animals, exotic animals, farm animals

Day 4-food, cuisine,

Day 5-adventure, adventure trips,

Feel free to choose your own categories!


Do yourself a favor and stop reading here!  If you continue to read and know ahead of time what kinds of information you’ll be analyzing, you’re more likely to selected images based on that information rather than just picking things that grab your attention.


Now that you’ve collected all your images, move on to the final step.


Step 3 – Open the folder (or Pinterest board) and look at all the images you’ve collected.

Ask yourself these questions about your selected images:

1 – Is there a common color theme?

2 – Are there recurring images / types of images?

Example: city or country settings / nature and animals / people

3 – How many people are in your images?  What emotions are the people displaying?

4 – Are there fragrances that come to mind when you look at the images?  What

are those fragrances and what do they remind you of?

5 – Are there sounds associated with the images?  Perhaps songs that come to mind?

6 – Are you surprised by any of the images or the connections between them?  If so, why and what are the connections you see?

7- What do these images tell you about the things you enjoy most in your life?


Now that you’ve found and analyzed your pictures, how much of this imagery is already in your environment?

How many times each day do you interact with the items or experiences represented in your chosen pictures?

Are there ways you can include more of the overall theme to your life?

If your environment doesn’t match what you love, it’s ti

me to get to work. You can start with something super simple and inexpensive like printing out your pictures and putting them up somewhere you see them every single day. Let your pictures guide you and inspire you. Let them be your guide to making decisions about everything from how your environment looks to what things you focus on doing with your days. If the majority of your images are pictures feature vast open spaces and you currently live in a large city, it may be time to consider a major life change. That change may include a complete life makeover or simply spending your vacation time in the great outdoors. Every person is going to be different and everyone has various limitations to work with. There are always ways to make compromises and work with the people in your life to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Give yourself and the people you care about the gift of knowing exactly what you and they love and then continue to move forward by finding ways to incorporate them in your lives.


If you’re curious what images inspire me, you can see my Pinterest board here: https://www.pinterest.com/JoyfulSparks/pins/

If you’re comfortable making your collection public, please share a link on our fb page or in the comments here.

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