I Am Open – Card Deck

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52 Individual card prompts in a clear acrylic case. $39 including shipping

Life is meant to be lived, not just to exist day in and day out. We are not designed to just follow the rules and do what we’re told. Almost anything you could possibly want to do has already been done, at least in some version of it. The bigger question is, what do you want to do?

            Being open means being willing to ask different questions, better questions. It means considering what we’re doing on a deeper level rather than just going along with how everyone else sees thinks. It gives you the opportunity to break away from what you’ve always been told you’re supposed to do and begin the journey of finding out what you truly desire and how you truly wish to be in this world.  

            You get to choose whether you want to go forward with an idea or not. You don’t have to commit to anything in the beginning other than being open to looking at your life differently. Play and have fun with these ideas!

            You can go through this book one page at a time in the order it’s written, or randomly open it to whatever page feels right today. I recommend spending a week on each concept in the beginning so you can get a feel for how it works and get to see the bigger picture of how each concepts effects your everyday. There are no wrong answers or  wrong ways of taking the journey. Each person has individual experiences in their pasts and individual desired outcomes. Be gentle with yourself when the questions bring up hard to deal with emotions. Those are the questions that will often lead you to the deepest explorations of yourself and the biggest changes.

            Share your journey with others if you want or keep it to yourself. The people closest to you will see the changes and may ask what’s different. It’s ok to tell them it’s none of their business if you don’t want to share, or to gift them a copy of these cards so they can begin their own journey. Some people won’t like the changes you make. That’s just the way it is, but those who truly care about you will be happy to see you embracing more of who you truly are!

            The journey is an unfolding of  your own personal desires and preferences. Your life is to be lived by you, not by anyone else.

The I Am Open card deck includes 52 individual “prompt” cards in a clear case. $39 including shipping.

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