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Care and Feeding Of Your Deeply Creative Love

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You love someone who is deeply creative and want to live a happy, fulfilling life with them? Great! How do you do that???

1 – Feed them!
Seriously, this is the first step in loving a deeply creative person. Especially when we’re in the throes of creation, we don’t eat. It’s not that we don’t get hungry, although we often don’t. It’s more a matter of eating being something that requires us to think about what we want, then stop what we’re doing to go get it and then take the time to actually consume the food. That’s a whole lot of time we could spend on whatever fun, creative passion we’re in the midst of!

The best things to feed them? Anything they like that’s simple and quick. Don’t try to take them out to dinner or ask them to sit down for a meal with you. Just drop off the plate and run! 

2 – Enable them in the best ways!
Deeply creative people find inspiration in the weirdest places. Simply watching a movie or having an in-depth conversation can spark a completely new perspective and bring forward new creations. If they have a specific person, place or thing that inspires them, provide lots of opportunity to interact with them and then stand back and watch your creative love light up!

3 – Expect the unexpected.
The Deeply Creative mind is a chaotic mix of ideas and inspirations. Just when you think you’ve figure your love out, they will shift and change in ways that may not make any sense at all to you. Don’t expect them to be able to explain the shifts either, chances are we won’t be able to explain it beyond saying that this feels right now.

4 – Don’t bother trying to “handle” them.
Unless you’re trying to intentionally bring out the rage in your love, don’t ever attempt to avoid telling them exactly what you think or feel. Creative minds are built to overthink and overanalyze. We see the smokescreen from a million miles away. Even when we don’t say a word about it, we know and we resent the attempts to control us.

5 – Expect DEEP emotions.
Deeply creative people feel their way through the world. The emotions are very real and very deep. If you’re lucky enough to have been allowed into the inner working of their minds, know that’s a rare and special gift they’ve given you. The good and horrible sides are all part of the package.

6 – Climb those walls!
Yup, there will be walls – tall, wide, thick walls. They exist for a reason and aren’t taken down easily. Most deeply creative people have spent their entire lives being told they are dreamers and their way of thinking isn’t “normal”. They’ve been minimized, made fun of and had their deepest feelings and longings flat out ignored. The only way to continue to be creative and survive in the world is to build lots of protective walls. The awesome news is – once you’ve proven you’re willing to persist in spite of the walls, the inner working of a creative mind are beyond anything you could previously imagine and the person allowed in is in for a huge treat!

7 – Quiet and alone time are critical too.
The deeply creative mind is constantly “on”. It doesn’t slow down, it doesn’t turn off. This can be a major source of stress if your creative love doesn’t have the opportunity to occasionally hide from the rest of the world and just spend time alone with their thoughts. It’s not personal to you, it’s not a desire to be away from you. It’s necessary for them to be able to balance the chaos inside without the expectations of the rest of the world.

8 – Validation is a real need.
No matter how adept your creative is in their chosen expression, they need validation from the outside as well. There’s always an insecurity that comes with creation. It’s not exactly the same thing as perfectionism, it’s more a matter of internally seeing exactly how there could always be improvements or simply a different way of creating everything. Creatives bring their hearts and souls out into the world and that’s some seriously vulnerable stuff!

9 – Understand their space in likely to never be organized!
Unless your creative comes with a strong side of OCD, chances are cleaning and organizing are nowhere near the top of their priority list. Of course, some creatives are very intense in making sure their specific creation space is organized to the last details, but the rest of the house? Not so much.

10 – Their socks won’t match.
Or their clothes or whatever. Anything that’s not part of the creation process just isn’t on their radar. They may spend hours getting ready for a big event and forget to do something simple.

11 – Expect to hear, “What if?” Often!
This isn’t the, what if something horrible happens or things don’t go right or the normal insecurities most of the time. It’s the, what if of new opportunities and perspectives opening up. It’s the questioning if there’s a new or different way to do things.

12 – “Reality” is a fluid concept.
Deeply creative people live mostly in the field of possibility. Their minds take them into a thousand different scenarios.

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