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Art Prints

They're here! Those paintings you've been excited about and some fun nature photography! Any size you'd like and available in several different styles.  

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Waiting for Death

Waiting for death to arrive: Some days, it’s easy to pretend the time isn’t drawing nearer every day. Some days, she’s smiling and mostly strong. Some days, her mind is clear and she’s funny and filled with stories of past adventures and brazen actions she’s taken....

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What happened to real?

What the hell happened to real people, real life, real... everything??? I'm a huge fan of personal development. I think we can all benefit from being more aware of our motives and the ways we relate to others in this world, BUT, when I seek out new resources of...

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Care and Feeding Of Your Deeply Creative Love

You love someone who is deeply creative and want to live a happy, fulfilling life with them? Great! How do you do that??? 1 – Feed them! Seriously, this is the first step in loving a deeply creative person. Especially when we’re in the throes of creation, we don’t...

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