“You fail Instructions 101.”

It wasn’t a compliment.

It was that standard reaction when I had, yet again, done something in a way that wasn’t the “normal” or “standard” way of doing things.

I use to think it was a bad thing.

Now, I know I’m just not wired to do things like “they” say it should be done.

Now, I celebrate my ability to look at situations from many angles and come up with creative solutions to any issue I’m facing.

Now, I actively seek new ways of doing things.

Now, I actively seek out my personal Sparks of Joy and chase them wherever they lead.

Now, I am who I am and that’s perfect for me!

Sound like fun? Wanna come play too and see where the winding path leads?

I turned 50 in April.

 Half a century of up’s and downs, tremendous achievements and colossal “failures”.

Laughter, tears, celebrations and mourning.

The Shift happened when I consciously began to let go of what I thought other people’s expectation of me were.

When I began to consciously make the decisions I felt were the right ones for me.

When I stopped looking for approval or needing permission to do life on my own terms.

 What’s your story?

What adventures have you taken that you’d love to share with others?

What do you struggle with that someone else may be able to help you overcome?

Join me in this messy, fun exciting adventure called LIFE!

Join in the creation of a group of strong ass women who are living fully and being whatever the hell we want.

Let’s form a circle of people who cheer each other on without the limitations of judgement and control.

Spinning Fire at Sunrise, on the beach, in the edge of the ocean, during the partial solar eclipse. June 10, 2021 Cape Cod, MA

 Your life ~ Your Choices ~ Your Adventures
Shared with the people who know how to make your laugh until your stomach muscles are sore for days!