We are creating a community / tribe of awesome freaking people who need to hang out with other awesome freaking people!
A tribe that supports and inspires one another.
A gathering place where ideas can be expanded, limits can be laughed away.
Where deeply creative individuals share and expand each other’s talents.
Where jealousy and judgment and fear no longer exist, because we don’t have time for that shit.
Where the tough days are made far easier by shifting our perspective and focusing on what can be done rather than whining about what isn’t right in this moment.
Where the future is celebrated as a done deal.
Where ideas are shared openly, and everyone benefits from the contributions and talents of everyone else.
Where personal responsibility and integrity are the number one driving force of action.
Where deeds are what matter far more than words and promises.
Where action and experimentation are normal, and mistakes are celebrated as progress towards finding the ways things do work.
Where is ok to speak up when you don’t understand something and where others who do understand, will offer support, ideas and perspectives that may open you up to a new path, a deeper, more fulfilling path.
Where resting, being still and just being within your own heart is perfectly acceptable and recognized as just as important as moving forward.
Where the perceived successes and failures are celebrated equally because they are all part of the process.
Where there is deep gratitude shared for every breath, every idea and every moment of being alive.